• Portfolio: Insight
  • Datum: Do. 29.10.2015
  • Beginn: 14:00
  • Ende: 18:00
  • Veranstaltungsort: Uni Management Club
  • Adresse: Kärntner Straße 8, 1010 Wien

Insight with Goldman Sachs

Have you ever been curious about what an investment bank does? Have you ever asked yourself what happens behind the scenes during the lifecycle of an IPO? Have you ever wondered what an IPO actually is? Then you should not miss the opportunity to apply for an exclusive UNIMC Insight with Goldman Sachs.

This interactive session will provide participants with an overview of our Investment Banking business and will allow them to test-drive their analytical knowledge during a case study of a recent IPO. Goldman Sachs Investment Banking professionals will work with you through the different stages of the IPO process.

As places are limited, therefore please apply via E-Mail at insights@unimc.at by October 20th. Please ensure to submit your CV alongside your grades and further supporting documents.

* Please note that you have to register separately for the Goldman Sachs Night.